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About Vicky's Nail treatment


Vicky’s Boutique carries more than 700 unique colors from popular brand: OPI, CND and ESSIE.


Regular Manicure & Pedicure


The Vicky’s regular manicure is hand treatments that consist of filing and shaping the edge of nails; removing cuticles & callus as we follow up with a hand massage and finally ending the hand treatments with a warm towel.


The Vicky’s regular pedicure is feet treatments that consist of filing and sharping the edge of nails; as we treat and remove developed cuticles & callus on your feet. After the first initial treatment, we utilize hot stone therapy to release tensions on your feet.


Spa Manicure & Pedicure


The Vicky's Spa Manicure and Pedicure is base on regular manicure and pedicure PLUS


Uses high quality spa products that are widely used in New York. The product is made with natural ingredients: Green tea, Blueberry and Raspberry. High quality products with the combination of skin mask and massage will exfoliate your skin by releasing stress and leaving your skin rejuvenated.


Gel Manicure


Gel or Shellac nail polish that will last up to two weeks and will look natural under & away from light. Vicky recommends this service if you are planning to travel or any occasions that requires colors to last longer.


Are you worried about UV Light ramp? Don't worried we also have LED ramp


Vinylux Manicure


Vicky’s carries Vinylux polish, this polish guarantee durability for a week and it is durable than most regular polish. Vinylux has adhering color coating, it dries faster and color is durable even under natural light.


How to Sterilize our tools?


All tools that we use are sterilized by high-power steam sterilizer and are placed in a steralized pouch to ensure your safety.

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